my ‘animateable’ self portrait, first assignment for character design and storyboarding class

this was a lot of fun tbh, i dont think ill use this style again any time soon but it was fun to draw so many curves

not drawing anything in particular yet, feel free to suggest stuff 

everyone please send me reference material of cute night gowns/lacy lingerie for me to put grimmer in when I get home from class

what is the most noticeable thing of my art style?



(via scaryjokes)

sammie's been drawing puppy people so i decided to design one based on my aunts' dog

she had cancer in her nose and it was amputated but she’s all good now

trying a mock j c leyendecker coloring method

i didnt really like the last drawing of tenma i did so i decided to try again

warm up doodle from today

i draw risto extra horrifying

im glad to see people responding so well to my scribbly warm up drawings

lately i havent drawn much beyond the warm up stage, so the drawings ive posted arent quite indicative of my usual style but who knows, ive taken an few months off from drawing (more or less) so i cant vouch for what my style has become or will become when im back to doing art all the time

promising brain surgeon gives up medical career to travel around germany with stoner bf