aljeric asked:

The I'll be cheering you on over here, I just really want you to feel happy and to achieve what you need to cause that are what friends do. I'm your personal cheerleader haaa. Remember not to let those bad thing weigh you down you hear me haa. I need to sleep my little eyes are getting tired. Night President.


thanks hon, thats really sweet


aljeric asked:

Hello I'm secret A yes its me and I really like your art and I'm now not shy to talk to people and I really hope we can be good friends sometime President. Keep on drawing your stuff and have a lovely day.


thanks man :)

i wouldn’t start holding your breath for more art, though

at the moment im going through some stuff and ive decided to take a break from art for a while, mostly because ive been forcing myself to make stuff for the last couple months and thats not healthy

but yeah, that stuff aside, thanks for your kind words

once i get back to college and all that art will be posted at its usual grinding pace here, but until then itll be a while

birthday present for cucoo

it was everything i could do not to listen to the music from the meat circus the whole time i was drawing this

working on someones belated birthday present

excuse me while i sweat a few gallons

heres what one of my comics looks like before the backbreaking labor starts, is any of you were wondering

going to stream some drawing around 11:15 or so, ill post a link here for anyone who wants to come watch

probably gonna warm up with pickle inspector doodles, or something like that

for those of you that swing that way

more work on lesbians

finally got strings looking good, but now im conflicted about ribbons skin tone

i have an idea of how to want to do the coloring on this, but ive never tried it before so ill be sweating a lot before this thing is done

wip on a lesbians from birdwitch

not sure what it is about strings face i dont fucks with


Anonymous asked:

I'm not sure if you're taking requests, but if you are and would like to, I'm absolutely in love with the pickle inspector you drew. It's definitely the best and my favorite drawing of him ever, and I'm awestruck at your art style.


thank you for the kind words. 

ill probably do some more pickle inspector stuff, but dont go holding your breath. i left that fandom almost two years ago and im not really on fire about joining again

that said, iil probably do some bowling au stuff of it now and then

and no, i am not taking requests and it’s not very likely that i will be in the future. however, im planning to open commissions soon so if youd like to commission more problem sleuth stuff id be happy to oblige.